A couple weeks ago I styled this shoot.
The photographer was amazingly talented and took most of these shots using reflections from a piece of plastic with an iridescent covering to get the rainbow haze on the photos.

Photographer/Brian Chan 
Makeup/Sawa Kojima
Model/Agnes (Adam Models)

As you all know (because I harass everyone with pics on instagram) I'm an avid cross stitcher.
Here's some more recent stuff that I've done!

Don't be too impressed, it's more math and graph paper than actual sewing.
(I'm mostly saying that so when my mom reads this she feels a glimmer of hope for my future)

Things people actually said to me at Coterie

In case you don't know what Coterie is, it's basically a 3-day convention for all the brands that don't show at fashion week. So basically 50,000 fashion bitches crammed into the Javits center, where the line for the bathroom was always longer than the line for lunch.
This event was way worse than fashion week because it basically made fun of itself and I just laughed and pointed, but for all those fortunate enough to be free of the fashion world this weekend, I took mental note of some ridiculous things people said to me during the event for you to enjoy.

"I want to get my daughter a New York souvenir, like children's makeup or something"

"Bagels are like, five pieces of bread"

"Wouldn't this be great for a bat mitzvah?"

"This top only comes in Canyon and Picasso Aztec"*

"I have to give up something for lent, I was thinking- mani/pedis?"

"We had to walk like five blocks for a cab!"

"You don't own an iPad?!"

"I can't find my phone but it's okay, I wanted a new one anyway"

"Good thing I brought flats" (woman in 6" heels who changed into 3" heels)

"I can't show my midriff, I'm 37" (said by a woman in a miniskirt and a low cut top)

"These shoes were on sale for $550 so I bought 4 pairs"

"I live off the G train" "what's that?"

"She's never had a job but she's like a really hard worker"

*I have to admit, I was the one who had to say this, but those really were the names of the navajo printed silk blouses.